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adamatic 2012-12-09 15:22

MKV & Adamatic - "Joy and Pain"...Quality Hip-Hop!
I'm producing an EP with Pittsburgh based lyricist MKV (of Lucid Music) called "Changes" which is due to be out in early 2013. We just posted up a new preview track called, "Joy and Pain." The rest of the album follows a similar vibe.

The entire project is produced and mixed in Reason.


mastertonyd 2012-12-09 15:55

Great track! Good luck with the release!

adamatic 2012-12-09 20:22

Thanks man. Not sure if you caught this, but we offered up this free single download off the album a few months back as a teaser as well:

jzquantum 2012-12-09 20:32

Nice. Which horns did you use? Did I hear ducking on the bass?

adamatic 2012-12-09 20:42

Thanks. The horns are the "Hip Hop Baritone Sax" Combi patch, but with some custom eq'ing, echo and reverb replacing the default effects within the default Combi patch. Also, a bit of compression on the SSL channel.

No specific ducking in the set up...might just be a bit of the SSL Master Compressor on the entire mix giving some of that effect.

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