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cyclic604b33 2012-12-11 03:47

midi sequencer (Christmas wish list)
- automatable groove selection lets say we want to groove differently in different parts of the song .. a program change is required.

currently the way to do this is to duplicate the track and swap back and forth with mutes etc.

- the ability to perform CV tuner like transforms to the midi lanes (switchable as in the above request)

- alternate lanes for non note data (is a radio button paradigm required here?)

- snap values exceeding 1 bar (2 bar, 4 bar, 8 bar, 16 bar, 32 bar, 64 bar)

- more than 32 blocks

- when pull down menu is used on the blocks view there needs to be an indicator that the block is in use, a small symbol beside the name and also some indication to how many times the block has been used on the main song timeline.

- broadcast groove - this lets the rack objects listen to the timing of the groove and use it to conform lfo timing etc.

cyclic604b33 2012-12-15 04:14

the ability to use the mute tool to mute individual notes in an open sequencer view

the ability to color individual notes

the ability to make production notes , make them searchable and list viewable

Monkatron 2012-12-16 00:07

some nice work flow suggestions.


cyclic604b33 2012-12-17 05:53

midi preferences (on load defaults)
when you load in a midi file the reason sequencer seems to default to the ID8 units for instruments according to general midi ...

it would be nice if there was another panel in the preferences and setting section when we could choose a default combinator setup with default inserts.

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