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ppaul3 2012-12-14 23:01

Sustain pedal also increasing volume
I am using a Korg KARMA as a controller. When I use my sustain pedal, it also increases the volume of the patch. I've done all I can within KARMA including Forum help

Anybody hears of this? Tried emailing P Heads. Last email was over ten days response


paul adams

sagana33 2012-12-15 16:43

Hey ppaul,

I wonder if that could be 'normal'.

Leaving the pedal aside, take the Reason patch you're working with, add some RV7000, have the wet control cranked up to the max... and you'll see it can add volume to your patch.

If something similar happens when you use your pedal, ... then this could just be it.

Just an idea :)

theodorjohannesen 2013-03-04 23:44

On my M-Audio 88, the sustain pedal also increased the volume when used.
In another thread, somone mentioned a potential explanation of the control (the sustain pedal) firing events, trigering different controls.
Now, the M-Audio is setup as instructed by Reason. This was done, when it was discovered by Reason, it prompted an instruction, for the user to load nr. 10 on the M-Audio device. And after that, the volume incerease have been anoying me ever since.
I found the solution to recall the 10 preset program again, and that seamed to be the solution. Maybe it is doing a device reset??

Hope this helps

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