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Vollstadt 2012-12-15 23:05

Mix Channel Level Meter as Spectrum Analyzer
Why not use the mix channel level meter as a spectrum analyzer? Imagine that the LED's in the level meter represents 20hz at the bottom and 20kHz at the top. The intensity (brightness) of the led represents the strength of that frequency from low to high. For example, a hi hat would light up the top of the level meter, a kick would light up the bottom. The higher the level of that frequency, the brighter the LED. Basically they would 'pulse'.

One could have a button underneath the master out level meter that throws the mix channels into spectrum analyzer mode.

This would give you a nice overview of the strengths of frequencies in your track and let you look at them side by side.

(This would be the equivalent of using the BV-512 in EQ mode, but the output of each frequency would not be a level but would be intensity or brightness of one light in the level meter)

lunastationnadj 2012-12-15 23:19

I'm guessing it would be pretty difficult to perceive enough difference in brightness for the information displayed to be of any use, and without enough LEDs to give enough resolution across the spectrum.

Not a terrible idea, but I don't think it would be of a lot of use to the people asking for a spectrum analyser.

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