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cyclic604b33 2012-12-16 00:37

Ochen Probability trigger (incorrectly filed under instrument)
this should be refiled under utilities near the matrix pattern sequencer

it emits no sound

djjams 2012-12-16 05:08

Right now some utilities are in the instrument section, as there is a bug or missing feature in the SDK. Pnce this is fixed in a new version of the SDK thoe will most likely be moved into the correct category by their developers.

electrochoc 2012-12-16 05:15

In fact, five devices that should be placed in the utilities section are categorized elsewhere... See this thread:

monkeygra 2012-12-18 04:31

I know it certainly should be a utility, like the Matrix, but technically the Redrum, NN-19, and NN-XT emit no sound if no samples are loaded ;)

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