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Gropius 2012-12-18 04:19

Buying more than one RE at a time from the Prop shop
I want to buy more than one RE from the Prop Shop. When I click on one, it takes me to the checkout page. But I don't want to checkout, I want to buy something else. So, can someone please tell me how I can add another item to my cart without replacing the item that was already in there?

If I click "browse" and selected another RE, the original one I wanted is gone. I have permitted all cookies. I have tried with keeping both windows open, with launching the shop from within Reason, all sorts of combinations, and yet I still can't get to a checkout page with more than one item in it.

If you're wondering why I can't just buy them one at a time, it's because my credit card company gets suspicious when more than one transaction for the same vendor goes through for the same amount on the same date and similar time, and puts a hold on my card if I try to do it too many times. I don't want to argue with the customer service representatives from my credit card company every time I want to buy two RE's that happen to have the same price.

I have googled this question since I figured there would be someone else with the same problem but I found no useful results. Please, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what process will achieve the desired result.

If it is possible, if there's some button or link I'm supposed to click, I'm certain I will feel like a fool for not discovering it already.

If it is not possible, please, Propellerheads, don't make it so hard for me to give my money to you. Such basic functionality should not be overlooked.

JensenTNI 2012-12-18 09:25

I don't think its possible, I was looking for that functionality as well in the shop. I think you really have to buy one by one. It was getting on my nerves when I bought a number of RE's the first time around, now since I usually only buy one or two at a time, it does not bother me much anymore.

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