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rogerlevy 2012-12-19 05:20

Customizable device palette
It's been posted before in many ways, I know, but this will be helpful moving forward when I'll inevitably "replace" RE's I get now with better ones, but don't want to have to delete them to get them out of sight/out of mind. So that they will still work on old tracks.

I'm thinking something along these lines:
  • Device palette gets new checkbox "Show Shelved Devices"
  • When this checkbox is selected, all devices are shifted to the left slightly to make room for a "shelve" column containing checkboxes that allow you to customize the palette when the Show Shelved Devices checkbox is unchecked.
  • To prevent shocks and head scratching, change the color of the text "Show Shelved Devices" to RED when it's unchecked, to draw the attention to it.
  • To make it very obvious what is shelved and what isn't, display shelved devices with 50% opacity when the Show Shelved Devices checkbox is checked.

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