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djapothecary 2012-12-19 10:32

make a punchy kick in Kong [Help]
Hello there!

I am for the moment making Jumpstyle and Hardcore music, my primary kick comes from the Kong and the Synth Bass with the various FX that comes with it.

I have always noticed that the kick becomes a bit flat with all my overdrive FX and has been trying different compressor, Maximizer and eq on it but I have not been entirely successful.

I am woundering if any of you have a few tip on a good mastring build up for a good punch kick that I can use and play around with till I get satisfied.

Thanks in advance

djfresha 2012-12-19 10:56

Use layers, have a second drum on a new pad, just a sine wave drum or a 808 / 909 drum and layer underneath. You might need to slide the 808/909 notes a few ticks to get them to sit right.

Hmm this is an idea for a new video we might put together....

Use the regroove mixer on your new 808/909 sub kick, point groove to A1, and use the slide dial on ReGroove bring down a few ticks or go up a few, and you will hear at one cruicial point the subby kick and your own kick sound quality. When you find it, sample the whole lot out as one grouped drum hit, then load that back in, voilá.. you have your own drum which gives you more beef than a Sunday Roast :D

djapothecary 2012-12-19 11:21

Thanks for the fast reply djfresha, understood about 60% of what you said, but I am tgoing to go downtown with it when I get home from work :)

Please, make a video, your thoughts on the matter sounds like they deserve it :)

djfm1983 2012-12-20 02:29

are you using the Kong synth drum generator or using kick drum samples?

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