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Chucky321 2012-12-19 13:09

How to correct badly timed beats?
I've realised that I've recorded a **** load of beats over the past year of using Reason. The thing is a lot of them were just crudely recorded ideas that I would play on Kong using my pads, and they don't even really fit any bar structure on the sequencer. Is there a good way of re-doing them so that they sound the same as I intended but fitting into bars so that I can edit them more easily?

djfresha 2012-12-19 13:34

Quantize? Maybe Quantize the Kicks and snares on separate tracks, and then tweak the other hits? ReGroove is another option, or if you have Recycle, bounce your loops to audio, Rex them, reimport into Reason via DrOctarex or via audio track and mess around from there?

nhsh 2012-12-19 13:52

Big chunks of "drum solo" live play will lose their time, or I'll skip and run over a few beats in a way that seemed right when jamming, but doesn't seem right afterwards.

If the beats are busy, first you can just play around with velocities to accentuate the main beats, making the others quieter. That can help indicate the overall structure of the pattern.

You should be able to find discreet bars, and find where the downbeat is, and bring them back on grid. Might need to squash/stretch the notes (select, ctrl-drag) a bit to match the song tempo. And it might mean killing off at least half of your beats and concentrating on the good stuff!

Once it's a bit more organised, perhaps grouped into distinct clips, you can extract a grooves from each clip, and apply that to your keys etc. Then they will better fit your trippy beats, rather than sacrificing the natural feel of the drums to fit in with everything else.

cheokeh 2012-12-19 15:39


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