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razingspiral 2012-12-19 15:06

Buffre and MIDI mapping

I'm not au fait with MIDI mapping with my KeyStation Pro 88. I'm trying to use Buffre but the default setting (program 10 - which I think is just standard MIDI) doesn't seem to work as it does with other Reason devices.

For example the rotaries, faders and buttons will control other devices (albeit not necessarily in a logical order). Buffre won't respond to any of the signals coming from the buttons and rotaries - when I press a key, say D1, I will get the green animation of a MIDI signal being received in the sequencer but I won't for any of the buttons or rotaries. By comparison I get the same effect with The Echo when I use a rotary that is not assigned versus one that is.

I just want to play with Buffre without resorting to manually drawing automation.

razingspiral 2012-12-19 15:09

I've used control overrides for now to evaluate but would rather not since these are global settings.

Garland 2012-12-20 05:47

For now, that's the best way to handle mapping of the remote codecs for Buffre or most any Rack Extension.

If you go to this blog (http://koshdukaimusi there's some tips on how to actually modify the remote codec file so that a Rack Extension will respond like native Reason devices. I haven't tried this because I'm concerned I might break something, but if you've got the desire, see if it works.

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