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florianchampourlier 2012-12-19 15:16

<Over-used title mode>Message in a bottle !
Hello, first post on the propellerhead software users forum, feels great !

This post has the following purposes :

- having feedback on my songs, that are actually not "songs" because I can't sing. I'm not handicaped, but I sing really bad ! Everything you'll hear on my soundcloud will be instrumental/digital.

- getting advices about "how to improve my songs/songwriting abilities/mixing" (some of you will notice that peak levels are not exactly the same with every song), etc.

Nota bene : music I make is essentially "rock/pop" and people who have an exclusive taste for techno/electronic music won't appreciate my sounds much. I love electronic music too, but my preference goes to instrumental sound recording !

Here is the link :

Hope you'll enjoy listening to it !

Bye, Flo

Mate 2012-12-19 15:49

Just listened: Don't give up & Hope and sorrow - amazing music mate, much like it, don't need anymore words, just awesome!

florianchampourlier 2012-12-19 16:15

That's something I'll keep in mind to move forward. Thank you very much !

VanDerGraf 2012-12-19 21:07

Very nice!
I was just listening to your stuff... very nice! I especially enjoyed "Quiet groove".

Are you using Reason exclusively?
I would enjoy seeing your gear/software list.

florianchampourlier 2012-12-19 21:24

Thanks for your feedback !

Exclusively Reason indeed, and here is my gear :

Guitars :

Yamaha RGX420S w/ "Paf joe" and "mo'joe" pickups.
Yamaha Bass Guitar w/ EMG preamp.
Jackson PS-2
Ibanez Artcore AWD 102

Electronics :

Both Boss ME-70 and GT-10
Laney TFX3H Amplifier with Laney 4x12" cabinet
some usb-midi devices to program pianos and drums (Korg Nanopad and Behringer UMX250)
M-Audio MobilePre usb audio interface

And Reason 6.5!


norajcue 2012-12-19 21:28

just gave it a listen. Damn, would love to play like that :)
and thumbs up for not singing if you allready think you can't haha!
better than to think you do... etc ^^

"Sunset Lane" (love the melody of the delayed guitar combinated with the dry snare), "Crystal Jails" and "Quiet Groove" are my favs!
"Hope and Sorrow" seems too overcompressed for my taste, but might be on purpose?


florianchampourlier 2012-12-19 21:55

I don't know if "Hope and Sorrow" is over compressed or if the others are undercompressed...not a pro in the art of mixing sounds, but I hope getting better ! maybe should I turn down the "makeup" value in the compressor, to get the same level as the other songs.

Love to read that you loved sunset's been a hard song to record and it reminds me of a great challenge...I promise I will tune down the compression of "Hope and Sorrow", and also "Emotional contradiction" that has the same problem.


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