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smsafirik 2012-12-21 01:13

Power pc no longer supported
Reason Adapted
by Propellerhead Software


I purchased a used computer MacBook Air, ( see my computer Ver )
and was trying to download/copy reason to my hard drive so I can play live using my keyboard and
to write some arrangements into reason.

I am finding I can't do that.

I purchased Reason software a long time ago and use it with protools but now my
other computer is at repair and I wanted to use this macbook air instead.

1. What am I doing wrong?
2. Authorization and license codes of my Reason Software.
3. Is it the computer capability or incapability?
4 What do I have to have into/onto my computer to be able to use reason? An upgrade perhaps?

I appreciate all and any advise.

NB I have an external compact DVD/CD burner / Player.

normen 2012-12-21 02:15

You are trying to run software and hardware together that have ten years between them. Thats bound to fail.

What version is your Reason Adapted? To use it on Intel Macs, you have to update to at least Reason 3.0.5. So if you have Reason Adapted 3.0 you might find that update still (Idk if Adapted was updated though). If you have something below 3.0 you have to do a paid upgrade.

smsafirik 2012-12-21 02:43

Is 2.5. Looks like I have to upgrade. Thanks for reply...

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