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Starwave 2012-12-23 02:54

Neptune MIDI Out
I think Neptune's pitch detection can be used too as Audio to MIDI converter. Then you can sing a melody and extracted MIDI can control synths with the same melody. Actually only CV out is present but it's not the same.

Philup 2012-12-23 17:58

What about velocity data and Note length? I don't think Neptune collects that information.

Starwave 2012-12-24 05:09

Note length is based on Note On and Note off MIDI codes that Neptune's can see through pitch detection algorythm. Is the same that actually turns on and off the green LED's on pitch catch zones.
Velocity can be based on level information of Neptune audio input. I think is easy to implement as Neptune upgrade in Reason 6.53 but for now I'd settle for constant velocity.

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