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cr68 2012-12-24 15:49

granular synth!
hey we really need a granular synth where we can load our own samples! i like ambient and avantgarde music and this would be a great device for that kind of music!
i hope this will come in the near future! :)


dreampolice 2012-12-24 15:49

Yes please!

Exowildebeest 2012-12-24 16:47

Yes. In the meantime, check out Samplr for iPad, if you can.

colcifer 2012-12-24 21:12

If you want a nice granular synth, Malstrom does that. You can't load your own grains but you can do that with a sampler and then set rpg8 to a high rate... Not perfect but it'll work, probably.

jamesgabi 2012-12-26 14:22


Originally Posted by colcifer (Post 1205681)
Not perfect but it'll work, probably.

Whilst I really enjoy routing complex algorithms within reason, this one doesn't make too much sense.

Malstrom is a graintable synth , more like a wavetable than a granular synth..

So what we all want for making some good ambient totally inside the box is a granular synth..

Until a decent (and decently priced one) appears you can make use of a freeware program I use.. "Paulstretch"

It's amazing.. and you can get some nice results using it.. It's not that impractical cos the process is quite straight forward but having a granular synth would be much better..

cheers :)

Alcapax 2012-12-28 13:18

Yes a fully fledged granular synthesis unit would be niiiiiiicce.

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