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Maineventwest 2012-12-24 17:40

New HIP-HOP Refill "Hip-Hop Brass" Best Refill of 2012
Merry Christmas to everyone on the propellerhead forum. We are proud to announce this new product to all the Hip-Hop music producers that have been frustrated with reasons stock brass instruments. Below i will keep it short and suppied a video so you can see it in action.

Hip-Hop Brass
is the ultimate Collection of Brass horns and ensembles. Hand picked from all our best selling libraries combined with our new sound design technique "Brass Add Ons. These Add on instruments allow you to create layered instruments and achieve a much bigger, fuller brass sound than ever before. Hip-Hop Brass is perfect for Trap,Epic,Inspirational and any style of Hip-Hop production. Get it now at
See this library in action in the video below.

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