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rVOLT 2012-12-28 09:29

Do you use blocks
Does anyone else actually use blocks?

I've never seen a single project file by any other users that have it setup.

omshanti20 2012-12-28 10:25


VillaNDubstep 2012-12-28 10:39

I use blocks to store stems out of the way when doing a remix. I don't use blocks as much anymore but I do still find them useful sometimes especially for remixes. Sometimes I use blocks just to store stems out of the way.
But it kind of depends what mood I'm in as to wether I'll use them to be honest
I'd like to be able to stack blocks on top of blocks and use them more like groups in a sense but I guess that would just be group clips :) Let's call them building blocks

electricfusion 2012-12-28 11:22

I use Blocks for drums only in every track.
It took a while until i got used to but now i just spread them out via Blocks over the timeline
and use the razor and mute tool to create textures,changes and so forth.
A fun way to use Blocks is to record your midi to audio tracks,put them into Blocks,
cut them into little pieces and arrange them in a different way. :)

charlycharlzz 2012-12-28 12:47

Everytime I use blocks I do things wrong !
I never got the real way of using them I think it's to simple for my poor brain :D

RXTX 2012-12-28 12:53

They're actually very handy.

..but I still can't get in the habit of using them regularly.

raymondh 2012-12-28 12:58

I'm increasingly using blocks, mainly to set out the structure of a track with traditional verse, chorus etc.

In the blocks, I have the main drum, bass, chord riffs, then in song mode I override block tracks with the variations, melody, one-shot sounds.

Blocks could be way better - I was quite disappointed when they were released, because I was expecting 'building blocks' and to build blocks from blocks.

But now I have a way to usefully use them.

eXode 2012-12-28 13:09

I don't use it, I just can't get my head around it. Or can't be bothered. I just don't click with that way of working.

dub08 2012-12-28 15:07

I use them in every project.
The more forethought and planning you have for a song, the better but, of course we don't always write songs that way. ;)
Most times, I will make blocks be the most "repetitive" elements and, then go over top of the blocks with any: vocals, guitars, lead lines, evolving "live" takes etc..

carvingCode 2012-12-28 15:36

A great way to compose.

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