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reflectionjack 2012-12-29 06:33

STEREOSPREAD - sweet love!

carlgrace 2012-12-29 06:47

That song is amazing. Great, great work.

reflectionjack 2012-12-29 07:11

thanks so much! was just checking out your new one-
we're REALLY wanting to make a remix of that one day if you'd be into it :0

raymondh 2012-12-30 02:21

Great job.

scoobyman 2012-12-30 03:23

I was expecting a cover of this:

But, I like your song very much. I'm very impressed of how you have pulled off such clean vocals.

reflectionjack 2012-12-30 05:43

thanks so much! we are thinking about covering the anita baker song! thanks so much everyone!

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