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boudreaux 2012-12-29 12:10

Check this out
I am sure someone else has already mentioned it but just in case, here goes:

I would like to see the re's use less processing power like the predator. The mor intricate you are with the patch, the more it uses up the dsp.

Next, i would like to see more audio editing control, like fixing pitches, time stretching, and so forth in the audio because some times i may just need to fix a few notes here and there without having to run neptune on the whole track. I often like to use the natural texture of the voice.

Also, i would like to see a group channel feature. Have where you can assign multiple channels to one group. This will help those of us who stack vocals on certain songs as well as those who needs to consolidate/group tracks to conserve processing pwr, especially when you dont have to use extra devices to make a make-shift sub/group channel.

Finally, application/software load time as well as sample load times could be improved. Even though i am gonna turn mine into refills sometimes i like to keep certain ones out in a regular folder....

Thanks in advance for taking our is definitely appreciated...

Oh yeah....>>> i am a pc <<<< until i can afford a mac....then i can be both....

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