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thelooploft 2012-12-29 17:19

Save 70% on ReFills - Year-End Sale
Hello Props Community,

I just wanted to let everyone know that The Loop Loft is currently having a big Year-End sale where you can save up to 70% on the entire line of ReFills.

Click here for details:

Just use the discount code SAVE40 during checkout to automatically save 40% on anything in your cart, and if you couple that with the 50% savings included with the ReFill Bundle, you end up saving a total of 70% on the retail price!

In addition, you will also receive a free copy of our popular Dirty Drums pack (a $29 USD value) with any purchase.

The sale ends in less than 48 hours, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up before it's over. I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays and finding time to make a lot of music :)

Warm Regards,
Ryan Gruss
Founder - The Loop Loft

MrFigg 2012-12-29 18:06

I would recommend the Indie Rock Drums to anyone. Especially volume 2. There's usually folk on the forum looking for 3/4 and 6/8 beats and volume 2 has got some good ones...and some nice combinators too amongst other stuff. I bought the bundle with all three volumes a few weeks ago and am really happy with them. Now you even get dirty drums thrown in free. Great stuff and great price. Thanks Loop Loft.

stevenha 2012-12-30 00:46

Thanks for this. The "get everything" biggest bundle, started with 50% off of individual pricing, plus the 40% off, and the total became $206.10 instead of $343.50. I bought it because it was A LOT of drum expertise there, which I truly lack, plus the slide guitar, sax and bass guitar in that bundle are pretty amazing too.

thelooploft 2012-12-30 15:18

Thanks for the kind words everyone! It's great to get feedback directly from our Reason customers. As a drummer, I know I constantly go to the bass, guitar and sax collections in the ReFill Bundle to fill things out and layer instruments I can't play live (at least at the level I'd like to) myself.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments and I'll reply directly on this thread.


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