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SlavetotheGuitar 2012-12-30 17:12

Rewire with Sonoma Riffworks
Team, All,

Need some help. I am looking to essentially "rewire" riffworks to itself. That being said, several forums pointed at Rewire as a solution. At the download site, it states that if you have Reason 4 or above rewire is not needed. I have Reason adapted 5, but really have no idea how to rewire using this interface nor could I find it in the help/forums etc. When I downloaded the Rewire 1.7 but all it did was attempt to update my dll which was older than the Reason install...

So I have 2 questions.
1. Do I need rewire, if so, I'm not quite sure it is still supported, how do I get it?
2. If I do not need rewire, can someone point me in the direction of how to rewire using Reason?


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