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royburr 2013-01-01 17:01

Reason 7 - What I'd like to see. What would you like?
Here's my shortish list of what I'd like in Reason 7 - and yes, I know some have been mentioned already ;-)

More colours - like Logic (although that's about the only thing better with Logic)

Macros - ability to create keyboard shortcuts

Folders for sequencer tracks. Maybe even nested folders.

MP3 import/export. Direct import from iTunes.

Ability to "link" or group automation tracks to their respective MIDI track. By cutting & pasting some note data, the linked automation tracks would be copied too. I know you can SHIFT+Click to copy multiple tracks, but I'd like to have the option to link stuff.

Mixer groups.

MIDI Out - I still have some hardware, plus an iPad with Alesis IO Dock. The ability to sequence external hardware synths, or synths on an iPad, would be great.

Track freeze

Ability to fold a rack. I like to use at least 3 racks, and would like to be able to fold a rack, say rack 2, if I'm doing a lot of work in racks 1 and 3 for example.

A new MK2 combinator with more rotaries and buttons.

Thor with pattern banks for it's sequencer. I like to use the Thor sequencer a lot, and would like something like the Matrix or ReDrum banks (A1-A8 etc).
Also I'd like to be able to copy Thor sequencer data to a sequencer track, like you can with the Matrix (copy pattern to track function).

Block triggers. The ability to be able to trigger entire blocks from a keyboard or other controller. Great for live remixing.

An iPad app which could control reason, with different setups for different devices (this could be given away on the App store). The app could even have a "lite" version of Reason with a set number of devices to give us our reason fix if we only have an iPad with us.

I did have more ideas when using Reason, but didn't make a note so have forgotten them. So, what would you like to see?

batcountry69 2013-01-01 17:37

Hi Roy,
with you on mixer groups and nested tracks. I know you're referring to nesting tracks in the sequencer view, which I'm also all for but I've highlighted how grouped tracks might nest within their bus here..

The following also details how racks and mixer channels could be better integrated.

It'd basically mean having a collapsible rack view alongside every mixer channel. Hope maybe thats something yourself and others could see the use in too?

xball17 2013-01-01 18:24

Reason 7 should
should be able to import & export mp3's

Briz 2013-01-01 19:43

Spectrum and waveform analyzer!!!

BilC 2013-01-02 09:46

You can sub-mix already, by using the older mixers. I tend to use the same colour when grouping channels together. It's a simple idea that's easy to do. I do see where you're going, which is towards something like a Neve-in-a-Box.
Ability to fold racks? Can't you do this with Combinators? Perhaps you've not made it clear what you're looking for.

I'd go with a new version of the Combinator, generally extend its features. More CV would make sense with all the RE Utilities there are now. How about a dedicated area? That would go for Audio routing too.
This is where MIDI could also come into play, perhaps. How would you implement it?

Subtractor's about due for a new version. Maybe it can have Stereo Outs. Would any new or improved instrument be another RE? Generally, the older instruments and effects could be reviewed. Mind you, there are so many things coming through with RE's now.
RE's into groups within the RE Soundbank would parallel how things are in the Shop.

MIDI and MP3 implementation could be general improvement features.

Reason for iPad? That's a separate product, surely.

Off the top of my head..... meaning, I could do with more thought on this. Aren't we already supplying ideas anyway, through these forums? No doubt I'll forget..... whatever it was I was..... My mind is going like HAL's.

BilC 2013-01-02 09:48

I did see someone had done a Combi for this. Where? I shall have to trace it back.

BilC 2013-01-02 10:02

Thought comes just as you go away.....

If we've got a PX7 RE, would there be a.... PX816 in the works? Actually, I've gone back to think what I'd got on an old DX1. That had all the parameters displayed, so the PX7 is closer to that. Hmmm? What else did I have on......? The DX1 was really a pair of DX7 synths, but with parameters displayed.

Another thought! It's a side-subject.
Tony Wride, founder of DX Owners Club, could still have the library of sounds somewhere. Unless he's like me and moved a few times over the last 30 years! Somewhere, I know there's my old DX's, but where? I've lost track and lost so much I would've liked to have held on to.
Perhaps someone over at Yamaha has things gathering dust. Martin or Dave come to mind. Mind you, they're likely to have moved on.
Anything's worth a shot. Tony, when I last heard, was connected with The Human League at their base/studio in Sheffield. Neil, H-L's keyboard player, might be worth a call too.

wbible 2013-01-02 12:24

I would like to see recycle integrated into reason , I dont see why it has to be to separated programs .

wbible 2013-01-02 12:30


Originally Posted by wbible (Post 1210851)
I would like to see recycle integrated into reason , I dont see why it has to be to separated programs .

the reason i say this is there no sampler in reason that can cut up a have to use kong with nures rex but to do that you have to turn the wav into a rex first . To me there should have never been a record it should have just been reason 5 and so on.I dont think there needs to be a standalone recycle..You cant use one with out the other . lets put em together

ejdrouillard 2013-01-02 16:01


Originally Posted by wbible (Post 1210853)
the reason i say this is there no sampler in reason that can cut up a have to use kong with nures rex but to do that you have to turn the wav into a rex first .

Ideally, I'd like recycle's slicing functionality to be just another option in the sample editing menu accessible in every sampler.

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