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djfm1983 2013-01-01 20:45

another live Reason broadcast later on today...
Hey guys I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be doing another live Reason broadcast on my Ustream channel at 4pm eastern standard time today ( For those of you who have watched before I have figured out the issue with the screen resolution so you should be able to see my live screen better. Again I want to thank those who have showed up for my other broadcast and all the support/encouragement I've been getting.

Today I will be going over how to make sure your compression settings are improving your drum samples and not making things worse. After words I might go through another mixing session.

I hope you guys show up for the broadcast. Also if you "like" me on facebook through my ustream channel (which will require you log into your facebook) I will be able to see your name in the live chat.

Again the broadcast will be starting at 4pm eastern standard time. Peace!

djfm1983 2013-01-02 19:05

Hey I found a screen streaming app that works way better than ustream. I have created a new channel on . You can view the screen better by choosing to view on high (my bandwidth isn't good enough to stream HD but that is an option if I had better bandwidth). You can also choose a nick name as soon as you post something in the chat without having to log in or like on facebook. Another great thing is there is only one advert when you first start streaming no more after that.

With that all said I will be doing my A/B compare compression lesson over agin. I will start the lesson at 2pm eastern standart time today 1/2/13. This lesson will go over how you can make sure that your compressions settings are improving your drums and not making things worse. I hope that you guys will come check out my new livestream channel. Thanks to all those who have given their input on how I can make your viewing experience better.

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