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slipamickey 2013-01-02 04:30

Options for getting audio from iPad into Reason?
Loving Animoog and a host of other apps.
Now wanting to get audio from iPad into Reason.

Looking for options. Seems Balance would work, but read a post concerned with powering iPad. I must be missing something- can't you just use headphone jack out of iPad into Balance R/L?


reasoner498 2013-01-02 04:59

Does your computer already have a line input?

If so, try that first.

Inthusiast 2013-01-02 23:25

Yes you can just use the headphone out Jack...However there is some debate about the audio quality of the ipads output....The Alesis Ipad interface looks like a real cool investment...

For now I use the Ipad running out from the Headphone Jack into L/R inputs of my M-audio Interface...Generally applying Reason effects after recording....Also Been running Ipad into Boss DD6 Delay pedal before the interface.... to capture live effects manipulations as audio :)

slipamickey 2013-01-03 01:58

Thanks reasoners.

So much to learn-

Line input worked (duh!). And I was up to the wee hours applying effects and mixing my audio tracks. What a blast.

I also have a Pure i-20 on its way.
The Pure i-20 dock has a 24-bit 192 KHz DAC for analogue output. I can use this with my stereo set-up anyway, in the meantime it'll serve to get a better audio output to my iMac running Reason. Pretty cool little unit- has video outputs too.

Got the idea here-

Eventually I hope to get an Alesis interface (iPad, lap steel guitar), and a Behringer FCB1010 (for LooperHD, etc.)to add to my AxiomPro. Might wait till after NAMM.


Rogfrich 2013-01-03 23:56

Hi all... just a note of caution to those plugging the iPad's headphone out into the line input on an audio interface (as I do) - if the interface has combi sockets for XLR and jacks, make sure the phantom power is turned off!

It might be nothing bad would happen (do preamps supply phantom power if it's not needed?) but I'm not testing it with my iPad... :)

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