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cisplatin271 2013-01-04 23:34

External Tempo control question:
I am finding it difficult to not feel disappointed. This is my 3rd request for any assistance over a month's time with no reply anywhere. What I am trying to do can't be all that uncommon...

I am using Reason 6.5 on a Mac. I have tried this on my windows pc to no success so I bought a new IMAC with hope that the problem would be resolved using entirely different hardware and OS.

Reason does not sync or process the midi clock tempo I send to it from any of my external Korg hardware sequencers.

I know the following debug facts:

1: the midi tempo clock part of the signal is being supplied to my MAC hardware. (I can use one external sequencer to drive the tempo on another external sequencer.)

2: general midi data such as note on/off is received by reason. (I can play notes on say thor using my external sequencer keyboard.)

3: I can assign external midi controls such as sliders to any applicable parameter in any reason rack.

4: I have set the preferences tab to reference the midi in line where the clock is going in.

5: I have switched from internal clock to external sync.

6: tempo value stays at default of 120 BPM even though my external midi clock tempo varies from as low as 20bpm to 300+ bpm.

7: I have used several different sound cards in addition to the onboard cards of both PC and MAC and this one function that did work in reason 3.0 does not work in 6.5

hollownation 2013-01-05 00:49

ok I had this issue with the mpd 32 but I just assumed that reason didnt sync to external clocks for the same reason props dont do midi out but if your saying you had this working with reason 3 then I might suggest that this could be a bug that props may not know about and would suggest that you get in touch with support but also have you checked the manual as they may have just changed the way it works
sorry I couldnt be any further help

hollownation 2013-01-05 00:54

ok just had a look at the manual and if you search external clock sync the first option that comes up may be of help

cisplatin271 2013-01-07 02:31

Thanks so much hollownation for putting in some response. It was a total morale boost. People do read and reply in here.

I was aware of the items listed in the manual. I would say that the manual is weak in that specific section. Here is a post for posterity should anyone else hunt the forum for what I had been looking for.

To get reason to sync to external midi clock you need the following items satisfied:

1: in the manual, set your advanced midi prefs to list your sound card's midi port as the clock source. (i knew this one)

2: In reason options, set the sync to external midi. (i also knew this)

3: attach a midi source to the sound card port and ensure the data is getting into reason. (simple)
3A: note data is a good test that reason is set up correctly.
3B: the clock needs to be sent on the right channel.
3C: Reason 6.5 does not sync up to the signal sent from your external midi clock source unless you also send a start message. In Reason 3 and probably earlier, it synced the moment you selected external clock.

For me, I like to use my Korg Radias, and port the midi clock to reason so I can get much more complex rhythm, and have that in the same timing as my Arpeggiator playing in real time from my radias. This sequencer does not send a start signal (that I know of). I had an old Korg DDD1 kicking around. This does have a start and stop midi message. I chained the radias and Korg DDD1 together so I could send reason the start message, then I could control the tempo from my radias.

hollownation 2013-01-07 17:34

so are you saying you figured it out sort of with a work around?

cisplatin271 2013-01-08 01:16

Yeah... My work around is simple...

My korg radias does not send the correct midi message to Reason to say start playback.
It does send a constant clock.

I needed an external source of the midi start message. For this I use a korg ddd1 drum machine.
Once my msg has started whatever software function reason needs started I am working.

I then pull the ddd1, and attach my radias. Reason syncs to the clock from radias and I can change the tempo of anything in reason using the tempo and clock from my Radias.

I will be getting into the midi implementation chart to find the start message stuff, and map that to something on my radias. This weekend i hope.

cisplatin271 2013-01-25 02:59

Midi system real time messages. contained in this set is the clock, a message for start the current sequence and stop the current sequence. many midi sequencers send clock, but do not send the start current sequence msg or the stop current sequence msg. you cannot click start in reason transport because reason expects you to disable external sync. reason needs a way to map MIDI System real time messages the way you can use override on any reason slider, knob, or button or, disable the reason function that waits for the system real time message for start and stop sequence, and just sets tempo in the transport to sync constantly with the clock regardless of whether or not transport is playing or stopped.

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