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Emada 2013-01-05 01:56

Who here likes chilling out?
If you answered yes, then I do believe you'll like my newest song! Check it out

AnthonyMichaelAngelo 2013-01-05 03:27

I am definitely one that enjoys the art of chilling out. I enjoyed that track thoroughly.

Emada 2013-01-05 04:04

Glad to supplement your chillological endeavors my friend

tincture 2013-01-05 05:01

Very nice track. Nice diversity of melodic instruments (love the wood block hit and japanese pluck). Beats and bass fit well to my ears which I sometimes have trouble controlling. Nice reverb space and overall relaxed feeling. Very good :)

Emada 2013-01-05 05:17

Wow thanks for the lovely compliments, mate I don't know jack all about music theory and I'm using really shit gear (mastering with ipod headphones) so all of the complements from these forums mean so much to me. I'm really new to this so thank you so much once again.

Emada 2013-01-05 07:53

Also heres my facebook page

rVOLT 2013-01-05 21:10

Sounds good.
Sounds good.

Emada 2013-01-06 00:43

Cheers mate

jfrichards 2013-01-06 09:00

Nice work. Here's one from the Chilinundoo Init Tribe (that's right, chillin' an' doin' it):

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Emada 2013-01-07 12:37

Nice one bro sounds mint

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