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aquil 2013-01-05 18:04

rack extension store, some ideas
Just some ideas:

- please add a "NEW RELEASES" page, list all rack extensions, new ones on top, same for the "HIGHEST RATE" best ones on top, maybe with pagination
- a developer page, so i can see all rack extensions of a specific dev
- better update history on detail page, not merged with the description
- allow external links on detail page for manuals or other downloads (bonus patches etc.) (not sure if this is already present)
- darker font color for better readability (for me its too greyish)
- some more styling possiblities in the description (headlines could be better recognized, ul/li listings instead of "-")
- mark rack extensions in list with icons for media (speakericon for mp3/soundcloud demos, tvicon for videos)
- paypal page is swedish if you want to pay, maybe changed it to english

mrbritt 2013-01-05 18:30

Sorry! but the Store is a bore.
All the RE when the icon is pushed need to have video to show what they do, and not just let's you read or hear what they do. I agree many do have video's but all need too.

As far as the store show the last ten on the front and put all the rest on their proper shelf; we will find them if the selector bar was larger also..

Lastly have the (how to videos) in the shop along with refills, and books. Have it so you can try out a refills in the store only, but chained through any RE's. In other words make the store the total music experience. At least let us pick a several RE and refills that you guys at Props will exhibit monthly...

danktle 2013-01-05 22:40

Mr. Britt, if you follow the links to the product pages, there are typically videos on the developer's site that show you how to use their Rack Extensions. Some developers and programmers are going to be more thorough than others, but I agree that if Propellerheads is going to sponser/sell the RE's on their own website, requiring that there be some kind of crash course/tutorial would be nice.

Besides, it clearly isn't hard to link any videos that appear at the Product Website in the Propellerheads Shop, (hint hint wink wink @ Propellerheads Web Team...). I think mrbritt is saying that some of the extensions feature video while others do not ("The Glitch" vs. "Ozone Maximizer" for example).

mrbritt 2013-01-06 00:47

Exactly what I am saying.

I look at the web site and the design and color is hard to see in many areas, but that my eye sight I must say also.; however the site does not need two of anything to take up space but one of everything that is a ease of use, and a joy to navigate. Its a good site and I am on it ten times a day, but it needs a overhaul.

I know how I would design the shop and website, but I think like a shopper and not a merchandiser when it comes to visual aides. Given the chance I would love to design a new web-site...

Sanovision 2013-01-07 16:27

Comments and Reviews
It would be helpful and fair if users could write text reviews/comments (not only 5 level ratings) displayed on RE pages (like other online shops do). This will make the products more transparent for customers.
Especially technically inexperienced newbies would be happy with this feature in addition to the 30 day trial.
If the trial is expired, it is difficult to get further independent feedback!!!

HiddenOutsideTheBox 2013-01-09 15:03

Also, it's annoying that when an RE gets updated it becomes the 'latest release'. I find that completely misleading.

pjeudy 2013-01-11 00:14

Also they should add a way to compare spec of RE side by side.

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