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chaostheory0982 2013-01-05 20:25

Setting up Reason 6 with a pv6 usb mixer
Hey, I just got a pv6 usb mixer and I'm trying to get reason 6 to recognise it. But it says I have no audio inputs. My mixer came with a trial version of 'Reaper' and I was able to get sound to go into that program and record a simple guitar track. But I can't get reason to work. Any suggestions?

locom 2013-07-17 07:58

just figured this out . . .

I wanted to have my motherboard sound card be audio out and my PV6 usb be audio in. My problem was trying to get Reason to recognize the usb input directly. Didn't work.

So instead (for windows 7 users):

-Download and install ASIO4All

-Select your usb input in Start Menu>Control Panel>Sound>Recording
-Then select Properties>Levels and bring this into the single digits
-Then select Properties>Advanced and set to 2 channel, 16bit, 44.1k

-In Reason>Edit>Preferences>Audio
-set Audio Card Driver to ASIO4All
-Select Control Panel and configure your inputs/outputs in the ASIO4ALL popup window.
(I use my motherboard sound card for audio out and the PV6 USB for audio in, so "Realtek HD Audio Output" and "USB Audio Codec In" are the only things turned on in this window.)

Workin like a charm now

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