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beefjerky26 2013-01-05 23:16

Record Instrument track into audio track input live.
All Instrument tracks have an audio input, so why don't the audio tracks have one? I'd like to be able to record live into an audio track to keep the rack clean and save ram.

Someone tell me if this is possible already. I don't think it is.

danktle 2013-01-05 23:26

You might be able to make a physical patch somehow on your audio interface hardware. I came across some interesting tricks on youtube when searching for alternative methods for resampling in Reason. I'm just messing around trying some stuff today, and I'll hit you up if I come up with anything...

pjeudy 2013-01-06 19:45

WHAT did you find ? can you explain

SteveDiverse 2013-01-06 20:19

Maybe I'm not clear on what you are suggesting, but...

The 'tracks' are in the sequencer, and I see no inputs what-so-ever in the sequencer tracks for either instruments or audio tracks.

Reason already does record audio directly to the sequencer.

There is a 'mix' channel device in the rack for each track in the sequencer.

The mix channel for an instrument device has audio-in in the back to which the instrument's audio-out is patched - that is, the data in the sequencer track is midi, which is played by the device, and the resulting audio from the has to be routed out of the device into the mix channel.

The mix channel for an audio track doesn't have audio-in because it is already audio - that is, the data in the sequencer track is already audio.

The reason there's a mix channel in the rack is so you can add insert effects, CV control, side-chain - and for consistency across all tracks.

It seems you are saying that you don't want rack devices for the audio track mix channel(s)?

If you want to 'keep the rack clean' you could move all of your audio track devices to a rack column to the right and just never scroll to it. They'd be there but you wouldn't see them because they'd be off your screen

As for saving RAM, the functionality contained in or provided by the mix channel rack device can't go away. if you eliminate the actual device from the rack, or from view to the user, the code still has to be there and it will still need to consume RAM.

danktle 2013-01-13 05:33

Beefjerky, I don't know if you're still following this thread. And Steve, I don't follow you 100%, so here is another explaination on how to record Audio data from a rack synth instead of dealing with sequencer data:

On any device that you create in the rack, a Mix channel will also be created. This "Mix" channel will carry the audio output, but will only sound audio when the attached device has recieved sequencer data, or you play a note on a controller. Simple enough, right?

If you expand the mix channel panel, you will see a button on the Meter Window that says "Rec Source." Toggle that button so that it is on, and then create a new Audio Track. On the new Audio Track, use the Audio Input dropdown list, and select either Mono or Stereo depending on the device you are trying to record, and then at the bottom of the list below your physical inputs to your computer, you should see inputs for the corresponding Mix Channel of the device you would like to record. Select it.

The new Audio Channel will now record hard audio signal from the device instead of sequencer data. You can also use this for resampling tricks :)

Here is the page that shows you how to do it:,599,612,613

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