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Rexius2000 2013-01-06 02:55

Midi change tempo question
What I want to do is take a track at 60 bpms and change it to 120 bpms without changing how the midi notes sound. I don't want it to sound sped up, being it is exactly double the tempo all you'd have to do is spread out the midi notes to make it sound the same. Is there a way in Reason to do this automatically without having to manually move each individual midi note?

Benedict 2013-01-06 04:44

It seems to me you simply either want to:

a) Automate the Tempo - Right Click on the Tempo and draw your curve. This will change the tempo of the whole song and if you have Delay lines set to Sync BPM then you can get "spang" sounds if the move is quick.

b) Select the Note Clip and Ctrl Click on the Drag Handles and re-size the clip to half the number of bars (eg. 8 bars to 4 bars). This leaves the song tempo alone but changes only the notes and automation selected.

c) F8 has a tool that lets you do the above but barely useful since you can drag

I think this solves your issue.


Rexius2000 2013-01-06 20:15

I'll try that Ctrl click and drag deal, thanks!

Inthusiast 2013-01-06 22:40

You can also open up the Toolbox window Choose the section with the Tools icon. You will see a section called SCALE TEMPO. This will either shorten or lengthen your midi notes automatically. It is great for adding variation to your Midi Data in conjunction with the alter notes function. If you change your tempo double you would scale your tempo by Half and that should fix your problem pretty easily

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