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standbyghost 2013-01-06 19:28

RE SDK image -> audio idea
I was just reading about the Harmor plug-in by Image-Line (VST) in Computer Music magazine. The article mentions the ability to convert images to audio (and idea that has been done in Fruity Loops, MetaSynth, etc., I know...). It would be cool if Propellerhead could expand the SDK architecture (and thus, probably the architecture of Reason itself) to support something like this. On this note (relating again to MetaSynth), when are we going to have an EASY way to do microtonal scales? I know you can just set the keyboard tracking to some incremental value on, say, Thor, but I want more direct access to microtonal scales. We could even be given something like a "scale generator" where pure mathematical ratios could be impressed upon a custom piano-roll-esque setup! Wow. I better stop here. Might be too esoteric for some. But I would love it, nonetheless!

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