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standbyghost 2013-01-06 19:36

Here's a good drum synth for mac
For those of you using Macs, AudioSpillage ( makes AU plugins that offer VERY versatile drum sound synthesis and sample playback. I just bought the DrumSpillage plugin (about $100) and I am starting to realize that this rabbit hole is very deep. It is a model-based synthesizer with specific parameters attuned to each model. The bass drum models are GREAT. Sine harmonics add SO much to a good tech kick sound. Wish we had the sine harmonics on Kong, it's actually the main reason I invested in this plugin. Like I said, however, I am now finding that this was well worth my money. Okay, I don't want to start sounding like I work for them or something, but I wanted to post this because I have seen a few of you looking into the possibility of new drum-synth REs. This website also has a free plugin with limited models. Happy tweaking!

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