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zetlike 2013-01-06 22:24

Lack of memory?
hello guys.
used the Reason5 to play live with my covers band, I have about 60 songs / projects in all, a normally opened only once about 20 or 30 songs, then the remaining songs.

the computer is an apple macbook pro 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo 4gb 1067 mhz memory DD3 OS X 10.6.8, currently with Reason 6.2 can no longer simultaneously open the same projects / songs and whenever I try to open up the 10 songs, I notice that computer is with latency visual, my interface is a USB M-Audio fast track pro 1.8 drivers version, opening up of the 15 songs the latency is generally even opening a dialog with the information that the computer is slow.
my problem is that I need not waste time loading songs constantly ...
if someone can help me, what I need to do to solve this big problem?
expand the computer to 8gb ram say this will improve performance and let me upload more songs?

Thanks, and respect!!!

pushedbutton 2013-01-06 23:23

In a nutshell, Yes. More Ram will help.

RXTX 2013-01-07 07:56

Load all your songs, and check the Activity Monitor to see just how much RAM and CPU Reason is using at its peak, and how much free RAM remains. If Reason indeed eats up most of your RAM, buy more. If there's still tons of free RAM remaining, it's a CPU issue.

gwynebiau 2013-01-07 09:45

Also, on the same screen, look at "Swap used". If it's swapping it means that there was too much to fit into the physical RAM you have, so it had to start using the hard drive as extra RAM, and the hard drive is *very* slow compared to RAM so performance can be hurt significantly if there's a lot of swap use.

zetlike 2013-01-07 23:09

ohhhhhh...ok thanks alot guys for your replys..i will check it out!
im not too genious in computer managements...hehehehehe!

RasCricket 2013-01-08 15:52

Your best bet could be to keep using Reason 5 live - I still use Reason 5 live instead 6.

Too many issues with Reason 6 in a live setting from issues like youre talking about to online internet verification/taking your dongle out, etc.

Reason 5 was perfect for such a thing.

It would be a GREAT test to everyone here, to see what in fact that extra RAM does for you in regards to using a legacy file with a program = We'd see exactly how much more Reason 6 is demanding apart from Reason 5 to open the same file. Id be highly interested to see that myself.

Djjimmyc 2013-01-09 14:35

I could do with better memory

zetlike 2013-01-10 00:01

unfortunately for now I will not able to buy extra memory i need to run properly therefore the most effective way I begotten to resolve this situation, resample all songs that are using too much cpu and ram...
i.e. in a particular song I'm using a strings pad of thor with two oscillators, but I'm just playing this sound two octaves, between c4 and c6, resample the pad and use the waves in nn-xt, as well as other processing that takes up too much memory or CPU.
but in fact I have to admit that the reason 5 for playing live was more functional

slevin 2013-01-11 21:41

More RAM will definitely help but an Intel Core2Duo is NOT an optimized machine for running Reason. You may want to start thinking about a CPU upgrade.

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