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celticdale 2013-01-08 06:20

Possible to default Pitch Bend to 24?
Is possible to make Pitch Bend default to 24?
If so, how?

pjeudy 2013-01-08 07:41


But you can create several combinators stick one instrument in each with the Pitch bend how you want it (24) then save each combi. .
Or create a file for each instrument, again with the pitch bend you need (24) save ...and when you want to select an instrument load up a generic file you created with a pitch B. set to 24 .

Tokeijikaku 2013-01-08 08:09

Apt that this would be on the feature suggestions board, because I would love it if you could edit the default settings of any device

celticdale 2013-01-08 10:18

Thanks for your reply! I`m not shure how to make this permanent
without having to load every single instrument I have, change
the Pitch Bend and then save it?

A concrete problem:

I have loaded Antidote and want a slow raising note
by Automating the Pitch Bend in the sequencer. The
first problem is that the sequencer bends in % and
NOT notes, so that when the sound is loaded, the
bend is in % of the loaded default for that sound.
Normally 2 half-notes.

Second, you have to turn the rack around to change
the Pitch Bend range. This you have to do for every
sound you load. I find it almost impossible to work
like this when I want to find the sound thats best
for the raising tone, (or any bend automation for
that matter.)

I have tried figuring out if I`m missing something in
your explanation, I just can`t get it to work.

Any links on how to do this?

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