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bassiclife 2013-01-10 10:22

Esoteric Jazzy Lounge: The Hierophant's Dream
Greetings Propheads,

It's been a few years, I ditched out on Reason, actually while it was diddling around with Record, and now I'm back, with a new tune too! Here's a video flaunting the tune/Reason/website

Would love for y'all to check it out and leave some feedback.

Much love

moofi 2013-01-10 21:44

sounds like a funny coffee served in lounge within a lift, in a fresh way ;)

prizebeatz1 2013-01-11 05:45

yeah, it's very light and friendly. good mix of different textures and blends. plenty of variations and development. highly organic.

rVOLT 2013-01-11 06:13

Sounds good
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