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patwy09 2013-01-14 20:19

Matrix Sequencer Upgrade - 32 Bank LFO
I just realized the power that could be had if the Matrix Sequencer was overhauled and upgraded. It has the potential to be a 32 Bank LFO allowing you to make custom wave patterns to control various CV parameters throughout a project. It needs a fairly extensive overhaul before it can be appropriately used in this way.

Upgrades needed:
--Choice between a sync rate and free rate
--Run multiple sequences at the same time, independent of each other
--Discrete curve, note, and gate CV ins/outs for each bank
--Forward, Reverse, Pendulum, and Random Run modes
--Bank Labeling
--Save Presets

That is all of the upgrades that I can think of right now. Let me know what you guys think.

selig 2013-01-14 20:31

You've missed the most important feature: smoothing. As it is, the so-called "curve" output is a stepped output (not a curve in any fashion).

So backing up, you would have to FIRST be able to create a high resolution smooth output for the Matrix to be used as an LFO, which is actually not as simple as it sounds.

And I'm not sure I'd like the Matrix style interface for drawing LFO shapes in the first place, as it would be overkill for simple shapes, and not enough resolution for complex shapes. Creating an exponential curve, for example, would be tedious at best with this interface, yet in comparison a spline based interface can do this with only a few break points.

That being said, you ideas are cool from a sequencer stand point, just not from an LFO standpoint IMO. :-)

patwy09 2013-01-15 04:19

Agreed! The ability to draw complex wave patterns with high resolution would definitely be tedious and not very pragmatic. But in applications where complexity and resolution are not a factor it could be quite helpful. Square waves are good a example of this. It is either on or off and therefor quite easy to draw. Possibly even saw-tooth waves.

Smoothing would be a nice feature. A way to fill in the gaps and "smooth" the gradience between the steps of the curve drawings.

Matrix definitely works better as a step/pattern sequencer, but I was just trying to use it outside the box a bit. It's annoying when you have to add a whole synthesizer just to gain access to a LFO for CV control. I know that there is a LFO rack extension, but that will have to wait for a bit.

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