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jasonprine 2013-01-15 03:04

Do you play Live Electronic Music? Can I interview you for a book?

Thanks for having a read. I am Jason Prine - an avid Live PA artist on a quest to tell the story of Live PA in book form..

I’m a big fan of anthologies that contain interviews of artists who all partake in a specific craft; e.g. directors, writers, photographers,
songwriters. And as I have a passion for Live PA and Electronic music, I thought that this would be an interesting project to cover. I know there’s
a community of both artists and fans alike who would be interested in this type of insight, both newbies and seasoned folks, hobbyists and
professionals alike. Hence this post. I'm looking for Live PA artists who wish to be profiled in a book titled "I am not a DJ. This is Live PA."

For me the objective of this book is to provide an outlet for Live PA artists to share our knowledge and views with a larger audience. I am not
focused on any one genre, simply the concept of playing live Electronic music. The book isn’t strictly about the knobs and dials of your setup,
which we will definitely cover, but I want to get into points about creativity, your underlying methodology, influences, and the future of Live PA.

Now I’m not looking for big names for this book. I’m looking for artists who are local / indie / regional / hobbyists who have had less exposure and potentially more interesting / wacky setups and methodologies for playing live Electronic music. Let’s face it, there are tons of music magazines out there that cover the gamut of the big names and that’s not what I’m after here. I’m looking more towards local / grass roots / people who play live for the pleasure of playing live.

In terms of timing, I know folks are super busy, but if you can spend any time on this between now and April 2013, you should consider being a part of the project.

In return for being a subject in the book, I’ll prominently feature a photo of you / your act, your bio and any prominent links you want to push in your chapter of the book, along with some photos. I’ll also make sure to send you a draft of your chapter so you can provide feedback. Finally, I’ll send you a final version of the eBook in either PDF, MOBI, or EPUB (or all three).

I plan on this initially being an Amazon Kindle only release so that it is available to folks for free through the Amazon lending library if they
have an Amazon Prime membership. I’m also setting it up to be available in physical form through CreateSpace (it will be black and white 6x9). Once the Amazon time limits expire, I’ll push it out to iTunes, Kobo, etc.

Please email me @ prinejason@gmail,.com if you are interested and we'll go from there.


Jason Prine

jasonprine 2013-01-20 03:18


Thanks to everyone who responded to the call. Can't believe the overwhelming response for involvement. I have 25 Live PA artists lined up.

I'll be back with updates and let you know when the project is released.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.


Benedict 2013-01-20 06:18

Will I count if I pressed play and walked off stage?


koma7 2013-01-20 12:56


Originally Posted by Benedict (Post 1222849)
Will I count if I pressed play and walked off stage?


As long as you press play and stand there moving around violently like you're having a seizure, and occasionally touching one of knobs on your interfaces and not actually turning them or a mixer with like 12 channels for your 1 track that is only using 1 channel, then you could possibly get away with it. Well, i've seen others do so. ;)

jasonprine 2013-01-20 15:45

Ummmm. I guess that could be your interpretation of Live is all about artistic license :)


jasonprine 2013-01-22 02:14


Are there any Propellerheads interested in contributing to the project? I have a few spaces left and am looking for some folks who have previous live electronic performance experience who want to share their insight with a larger audience.

Touch base prinejason at gmail dot com.


Benedict 2013-01-22 10:36


All the usual you don't play live, can't be a real artist stuff eh? LOL

As I used to say when I was making EBM/Industrial; One man, a pile of keyboards and a distortion pedal do not make a show. It's true watch a good live band and they are mobile and engaged. Standing there poking a knob (or pretending to) is not performance in the way most people want. I tried to take a different approach.

My take was a bit radically minimal for most. I remember being heckled at a Goth club once so next time I did a cover of Bowie's "Ashes To Ashes" and stood staring at the crowd, cued the next track and walked off. Oddly I didn't really gain any more fans.


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