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boudreaux 2013-01-15 11:50

something for si
Title should read >>> "something for incoming signal"

Hi everyone...

I have an issue with this airy hissing noise in my recordings while recording into reason. I can apply signal processing plugins to vocals I record in other program DAWs like, Pro Tools, Nuendo, & Personus One Pro 2..because they have an input channel for the signal coming in and allow the plugins to be applied as the signal comes in as a stated earlier.

My question to Propeller heads and/or anyone who views this post is:

How can I accomplish this same task in reason? It would be nice if you can add a feature like that because it helps cut down on processing power. Also add something that allows us to do pitch correction that can be applied directly to the recorded vocal because sometimes the Neptune doesn't get it cleaned up properly...

I am aware of the console's ability but even when applying the expander and gate on vocals, I can still hear that airy hissing noise when I apply the eq's....especially when stacking vocals

To avoid having to record vocals in another DAW, then import in, I would rather be able to do it straight in Reason.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help...

Dave909 2013-01-15 13:04

The effects in Reason would perform exactly the same pre and post recording. Adding Neptune to your incoming signal would also delay it significantly so monitoring becomes really really difficult. If you want to commit to the effect you use you can bounce that mixer channel with the added effects included. The hissy noise is a problem which Reason wouldn't be able to avoid at all because it's not causing that problem. It's probably your interface, pre gain set too high or just noisy pre's.

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