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Elronncee 2013-01-18 03:44

Turntable clipping issue
I recently bought a Stanton T52b turntable that I am running through a bbe fjb200x phono pre-amp into my pre-sonus audio box interface(rca from the preamp, to the instrument input on my interface) which is hooked up to my jbl monitors and my macbook for audio playback.

After I assembled the turntable, adjusted the arm and counter weight, and installed the ortofon stylus needle, I was ready to sample some vinyl. Or so I thought.

I put on a record, and all while it was playing and I was getting audio through my monitors, the sound was clipping VERY hard. Not only could I hear it, but the clipping lights on my interface were going crazy.

I adjusted the volume, still clipping. Mixed the channels(on the interface), still clipping. I even turned it all the way down and it was still clipping.

This is obviously not optimal for sampling, and I really have no idea where this issue would be coming from, as I am new to turntables.

Anyone have any ideas where to start troubleshooting?
I called GC, where I ordered all of this from, and they were really not much help as to where to start.


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