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m0thr4 2013-01-18 17:39

Reason 6 Audio Problem
I'm using Balance with a Mac, and having difficulty with audio distortion in Reason when trying to simultaneously use the built-in audio output.

If I open Garageband, then I can set Built-in as the Output and Balance as the input, monitor my guitar no problem. This leads me to suspect there's nothing wrong with the Balance device, my Mac or my guitar and its audio lead .

In Reason 6 I have to create an "aggregate device" (by the way, why is this?). The problem is that this device seems inherently unstable. For example, I opened Reason today, and got no sound from any of my recordings. If I switched from Aggregate device to "Built-In", I then got audio, but could not record from the Balance. When I switched back, no audio output again.

To get it sort of working, I have had to switch away from the Aggregate Device in Reason, delete the Aggregate Device in my Mac's Audio/MIDI settings, shut down Reason, reboot my Mac, recreate the Aggregate Device, Launch Reason... and switch back to using the Aggregate Device again.

Except now, I'm getting hideous crackle again, on a guitar (Line 6) channel that configured to give a clean tone.

As you may have gathered, I've found this quite frustrating - how come Garageband "just works" without any prior configuration of Aggregate devices? Why can't Reason 6 do the same?

Most importantly, what can I now do to get the sound working in Reason again?

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