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Eecks 2013-01-18 17:56

Help with subtractor
I'm fairly new to reason. And just took up trying to make a small dubstep beat after a few weeks of getting used to the software. I got my dubstep sound using the subtractor. But I'm such a noob. I create seperate subtractors just to get another rate sound. Because if i record it using 1 rate sound, and then change the rate after its already recorded on the same subtractor. It changes what i've recorded too! So how do i change the rate without it affecting whats already recorded? Thanks.

Stereoimagery 2013-01-18 19:01

Whenever I use the rate on any synth, I use automation.

You just arm the track (click on it in the sequencer) ie. the subtractor track
Push record
then you move the rate knob to how you want it.

This should create an automation lane
In edit mode you can edit the automation and change the rate and how long you want it to last or stay at that rate.
This automation will also be sortof like a block, so you can move it around and have different automation blocks so you dont have to have multiple synths with different rates.

That may sound confusing, but doing a youtube search like ' using automation in reason ' might be useful.
for example this video

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