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Kisai2 2013-01-19 17:36

Reason: The Perfect program for learning Synthesis
To explain myself a bit. Prior to a year ago (Maybe almost 2 at this point) I was using presets and messing with knobs to TRY to achieve the sound that was in my head.

Now, it seems like I open Reason (Hell, any VST soft synth really) and I can navigate my way around all the synths, no problem. Although with time I was always gonna get used to the devices in Reason (Thor and Malstrom mainly), but if you threw Massive or FM8 in front of me back in the day, I would have looked at you and thought were crazy and just loaded up a preset, but after watching so many videos, reading on synthesis and Reasons "approach" to showing you synthesis (Mainly how everything is laid out) it has made me incredibly skilled in the Sound Design department.

So thank you Props for making a product that has helped me tremendously me expand my growth as a music creator.

- Mistah Fawkes

colcifer 2013-01-19 17:42

FM8's interface is a convoluted PITA and that's before we even think about the envelopes... but, to be honest, I'd rather have it than PX7.

But yes, I love Reason and think it is an excellent program with which to learn sound synthesis. (Well, some methods of sound synthesis. Not FM, for instance.)

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