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frosty2 2013-01-19 18:43

vintage drums sounds
Hi i have an out of the box reason 6 installation. I have had some success using redrum but i haven't been able to achieve simple beautiful sounding drums. Subjective of course. But would really appreciate some advice. Maybe there are some refills/extension you can recommend or perhaps a technique. I want ambient , roomy sounds.

JeroenPost 2013-01-20 13:41

2 Attachment(s)
Hi, well first of all I think you want to know what everyone wants to know while start making music.
The things to make sounds better has a lot to with layering, efx, mixing, mastering etc.
There are many many tutorials online, also made by Propellerhead to help u out.

I've made a simple Redrum drum loop with some Reason default samples.
I've attatched the file so u can check out the diffrence between with or without these technique's.

Be sure to rename the "Drums" to "Drums Example.z01", this is a split zip file.
Otherwise it was to large to attach.

When u opened up the file, just hit play!
U now hear the "Out Of The Box" Redrum playin a basic hiphop loop without any tweaks or adjustments, just de default sounds.
Hit the green "Solo" button on the "Out Of The Box" device to switch to the custom sounds.
The loop and samples are exactly the same, but the sounds are tweaked.

Please notice a did this in a short time just to show u some diffrence, it's not perfect and it's not the only way it could be done. There are many ways to get your sounds bigger/fatter etc, but i'm sure when u listen this trough a nice set of speakers, u hear a big diffrence!

I hope this helps u out a bit.

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