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elwoodblues1969 2013-01-20 02:39

Alesis Ion & Fusion Refill
Enjoying my Fairlight Platinum Refill to the full,but something is missing in my arsenal synth-wise..that I've wanted for years..particularly with regard to my former Ion keyboard.

Got a good deal on my Ion(as it were),a few years ago...for $600($1100 retail)...but not quite good enough-as although the sounds were epic,the key-bed was garbage & there was no USB I got fed up & sold it.
As for the Fusion(never owned one),because there were far too many defects with it & no user support....but heard many interesting audio demos from it.

Bitley...the guy who made the Platinum Refill...he would be just the person to make it I hope he will be reading this post,at some point.
While I'm at it,I think I'll drop him a line at his website...

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