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IgoReason 2013-01-21 01:25

alternative "Messy" workspase syntheditor in Reason
Hey Guys and Props,
I have thinking in last time how amazing it would be, if Reason would have an alternative Rackview, something similar like Synthmaker or reaktor (while you making a synth inside of it). It would be like a new fourth workspace(beside of mixer, seq and rack), a big empty desk where u can drag your synths, effects and build it together like to put them into a combinator but more focused on editing and having it not staked under each other like in rack but having everything upwrapped on screen(like in free flight view). Creating a combinator in Rack is a little bit a challenge while you must often scroll up and down and having on modern 24's so much unused space left on screen on the right side of the rackview. I would love to see such a new feature in upcoming versions of Reason. Sorry for my English(specially for the mistake in the word workspaSe), I hope you have understood me.

charlycharlzz 2013-01-22 00:56

not a bad idear ! +1

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