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LeopoldStotch 2013-01-22 16:49

A drum instrument with real drum sounds
Radical keys / piano took reason from having piano refills to having actual instruments. There's a difference in the feel and workflow when you're dealing with an instrument.

What a drum instrument would need:
- A drum instrument for REAL drum sounds
- A visual interface: Build a kit by adding visual representations of each piece (tom, snare, cymbals). Load up the complete family of samples sounds for that instrument with either drag and drop or one simple click
- Complete kit samples: Include the little things like heel splashes for the hi hat, tambourine, splashes, effect cymbals
- Offer a choice of direct breakouts for each sample to their own SSL strip, or a drum mixer with eq & effects for stero out.
- Make it open and expandable so others can sell RE expansions via the shop - Like an Alt Drums expansion using the same instrument but utilizing their samples and preset kits.

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