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Sannan75 2013-01-22 19:35

Rocksmith cable with Reason 6.5?
Just a quick question, I have a Rocksmith real tone Guitar to USB cable and was wondering if it would work with Reason 6.5?

If it would, can anyone let me know what settings I need to change in order to use it please?

Thanks in advance and sorry if it's a complete n00b question :)

n0ahg 2013-01-22 19:47

Sannan75 2013-01-22 20:01


Originally Posted by n0ahg (Post 1224386)


I did Google this before asking the question, I can't find anything that shows what I need to so within Reason for it to be recognised, hence asking here.

n0ahg 2013-01-22 20:12

Follow the instructions in the first google hit to set up ASIO4ALL then select the newly created ASIO entry in Reason. Then use as any other recording device.

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