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aisling 2013-01-24 02:51

midi from audio RE and other wishes
I think the ableton live 9 update of midi from audio, has me really wishing the props would answer back!
DP has had this for over a decade, others too, I imagine. As a guitar player, this could open up endless creative possibilities...

Also a way to collaborate with people who don't own the same RE's but want to work on song sequencing and mixing. Maybe a way to open the RE within the file, but not to use it on any other files unless purchased. I finally got a creative collaborator to make the jump to reason....Now It is hard to ask him to spend another $400 on RE's when he is such a noob to reason. I think this feature would generate more RE sales, as people would have a first hand experience of a particular RE, and then want it...

And never a missed chance to say MIDI OUT!

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