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dybing 2013-01-24 09:22

Drop ignition key and use use registrate a machine
Hi, my ignition key is falling apart and sometimes its
working and sometimes not.
I am working in places where there are no internet and
its not good for my working process to worry about
if I am able to start reason or not.

I would therefore suggest to use a internet lock / unlock
internet registration for a specific computer with a easy
setup for lock / unlock a machine.


Hessel123 2013-01-26 16:53

good point! this is how Melodyne works and it works perfectly! it's uncrackable and you don't have to plug in the fucking USB stick every time.

charlycharlzz 2013-01-27 21:11

you can already log with internet I think and the key is a must have for the times with no intgernet reseaux around.

plaamook 2013-01-28 06:05

yeah, this is good. and lets face it, for mobile sound benders, anything is an improvement!

of course you could then use reason on two machines, but only two. one inter-locked and one on the key.

dunno if this helps but i've found that you can sign in online and as long as you don't quit reason it stays signed in even w out wifi. i'm on a Mac and sleeping my comp w reason running isn't a problem. and so on.

also, for all you fellow mobile whiners out there, think internet tethering. sorts me out most of the time.

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