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sKeeza 2013-01-24 22:26

Triple Display help
Hi, i'm using reason 6.5 and want to open reason up into three different moniters, rack, seq, and ssl mixer, is anyone here already doing this or can recommend a lower priced graphics card that can drive 3 moniters please

many thanks.

LABONERECORDINGS 2013-01-24 22:30

Have a look at ATI or NVidia gfx cards, they say if they support 3 or more monitors, and Reason can be 'exploded' across all 3, using CTRL-F5 / CTRL F6 / CTRL F7 to separate the 3 areas. Maximise to each monitor, save as atemplate, tell REason this is your new 'template' file so it always opens up in same way

vanKloot 2013-01-25 08:48

Any way of doing this with an iMac? I already have a second external display but would add a 3rd if I could...

LABONERECORDINGS 2013-01-25 08:48

should be able to... my mate has 3 20in monitors running of one GFX card :D

just another note.. he's running a G5 Mac...

drdk 2013-01-25 10:46


I have my 17" laptop and 2 19"'monitors running win7.
1 monitor out of the dvi port and a cheapusb display adaptor out of a usb 2.0 port to the other monitor , pretty easy , I think you can find a USB display adaptor for around $50.00
Go to control - display-display settings and choose extend my display across the 3 displays and now my default template opens with the rack on the left , sequencer in the middle and mixer on the right , never looked back!



kdmoody 2013-01-25 13:38

I've had three monitor set up for a long time. Older machine with two ATI 1300 & 1500 graphic cards. Newer machine with one ATI 5550. Normally have two landscape, one portrait, I keep the mixer on the portrait monitor. I personally don't like the Reason SSL mixer on the portrait monitor as it's too "squat" you can't resize, where as Reaper Imperial Theme is great on the portrait monitor.

With the old configuration two card set, I've used 4 monitors it's cool for auxiliary stuff (explorer, notepad, resource monitor, etc)

rVOLT 2013-01-25 15:50

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I use my macs hdmi, thunderbolt and usb to connect my three screens.

Once you do this, there is NO going back. You'll love it.

skie 2013-01-25 17:42

What kind of sound card/interface you rockin'? I think this is my fav studio out of all the pictures I 've seen, def the tidiest.

JohannEmmanuel 2013-01-25 17:55


Originally Posted by kdmoody (Post 1226164)
I've used 4 monitors it's cool for auxiliary stuff (explorer, notepad, resource monitor, etc)

I was thinking about doing that and going back to a tower system. I need to look into the cheapest solution for 4, I found a nice mounting bracket :)

vanKloot 2013-01-26 06:12

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BOOYA! Best $35 I've spent in a long time (since I had the small monitor on the left laying around)!

Bought a Diamond "USB Display Adapter Pro", hooked it up, downloaded the Mac driver off the interwebz and voila!

The funniest part about this though is that I was running 3 Mac displays back in about 1988 on my Mac II with 3 video cards in it. Back then the average person couldn't even wrap their head around TWO monitors let alone 3. It's like I've come full circle. :D

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