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dabada79 2013-01-25 22:13

Some kind of "Instant Knob"...
Short story...

I would like to set one of my MIDI controller endless knobs as a let's call "InstantKnob". Then, whenever I turn this knob it would change the parameter which my mouse cursor is hovering over. This way - the mouse in my right hand, the MIDI controller on the left hand - I could rapidly change a lot of parameters while playing parts of the song. This would be very useful especially for experimenting with new synth sounds or finding the right EQ frequencies etc...

Long story...

Actually, when I want to change some parameter by using my MIDI controller, I have to follow the same two steps:

1a. finding out which MIDI controller (fader, encoder, button etc.) is assigned to the parameter
1b. assigning a MIDI controller to the parameter I want to change
2. actually changing the parameter by using the MIDI controller

Maybe by using reason on a daily basis the assignments become burned into your memory, but I by myself am not able to remember which of the 24 knobs on my Behringer BCR2000 for example controls the Mod Envelope Sustain value of the Subtractor or the filter B frequency of the Malström.
Of course I could take the Remote control documentation, print it out and paper my room with it. But not all parameters are assigned to all controllers by default, whereby I would have to go through step 1b.
My feature suggestion could solve all this problems I think.

Implementation could look like...

I go to the preferences, section Control surfaces:

I click on the Button Define "InstantKnob"...

The dialog Edit Remote Override Mapping shows up...

...where I can set/learn my MIDI controller knob (preferrably an endless encoder):

From now on, when my mouse cursor for example hovers over the modulator B rate knob of the Malström and I turn my (in the above example) Push Encoder 1:1 of the BCF2000 it will change exactly this value. After that I move my mouse to the next knob, velocity to shift for example, and with the same controller I now change this value. Would be nice, wouldn't it? ;-)

Any suggestions, corrections etc. are welcome.

Regards, Daniel

koma7 2013-01-26 00:55

Some MIDI controllers already have this function, well I know one for certain has this feature, my Novation SL MKII has a endless rotary on it called the 'Speed Dial' which controls the parameter of whatever your mouse is hovered over. I don't quite know how this could be implemented to work with other controllers by having it enabled from software, I don't know if this would work, but theres a controller that has what you're after anyway id you're interested. ;)

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